LibOpenMetaverse Release 0.9.1

Maintenance release that includes a few improvements and a couple of bug fixes. No API changes so upgrading from the previous version should be easy.

You can download this release from our Downloads page

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As always we would like to thank all testers, bug reporters, patch submitters and developers who contributed to this release. Thank you all!

(full changelog below the fold)

Release Notes - libopenmetaverse - Version 0.9.1

Improvements and New Fetures

  • [LIBOMV-907] - [PATCH] Support decoding of old wearable assets (LLWearable version 15 and 16)
  • [LIBOMV-915] - Reduce the number of vertices generated by GenerateFacetedSculptMesh()
  • [LIBOMV-920] - Add ability to retrieve own visual params and appearance textures
  • [LIBOMV-921] - IsAttachment Should be Preserved as Primitive Member
  • [LIBOMV-903] - Handle ObjectPhysicsProperties Event Queue Message
  • [LIBOMV-904] - Add the ability to set prim's physics properties available in the new mesh sim
  • [LIBOMV-906] - [PATCH] Support for avatar physics
  • [LIBOMV-910] - Add the ability to set agent language
  • [LIBOMV-912] - Add mesh decoding to rendering

Bug Fixes

  • [LIBOMV-905] - Region crossings and agent movement after teleport don't work on opensim
  • [LIBOMV-913] - OSDDate does not properly serialize/deserialize